• Op Google+ kan je een afbeelding kiezen maar je kan ook de afbeelding veidrjweren. Het meest voor de hand liggende is daarom dat de gebruiker de afbeelding heeft verwijderd in een Google+ post.

        • What a jewel box. This car could well be parked on the turntable in my residing room but would be regularily driven to keep it fresh. It appears like it truly is far from “original” (paint color & drivetrain) but guy, what a gorgeous car. Arrive on, Powerball!..

        • je n’ai malheureusement jamais été en Irak ou d’autres pays aussi atypiques… Difficile donc d’en trouver 3 et je remets donc ma participation à la prochaine proposition! En attendant, je suis curieux de voir les propositions de chacun

      • Great article. I’m currently working on a small specific geo directory. The town is small but I want to see how things go before I start buying other geo domains and replicating the same thing for other regions. And this article is a great inspiration for me.

      • I certainly wish that there will be a way to get the UI running on different phones. Or that HTC will at least allow Magic users to have it. I don’t really like the external look of Hero.

  1. I would like to receive a phone call for my twins the girl from Dora and my son from Wallykazam on November 16,2014 Thank You so much they will be five years old Thanks so much.

    • Yes, discovered what joy colour can bring. Thank you for this reminder. Various quotes which should be learned by hersa.Pletae have you all a good Sunday.

    • Hey love! I made your banana pancakes this AM. DELISH. I’m back on track and going hard core after emary’s crazy mississippi wedding – too much cholesterol!as always, miss your face!

    • Nei, hun har jeg ikke hørt om, selv om jeg har bodd i Sandviken og alt… men det er kanskje fordi jeg ikke er bergenser…;) Stilig med de utsmukningene!! Ha en trivelig pinse!

    • Est-ce une marque de générosité,de solidarité de rempli son livret A?…On pourrait imaginer un taux négatif,-2,25%,pour inciter à ne pas épargner et acheter tout et n’importe quoi afin de relancer la consommation..En situation de crise économique ou même de récéssion,épargner surun livret A au lieu d’investir dans la consommation et la production ne serait-il pas antisocial ?En tout cas ça ne peut pas créer d’emplois….Sinon,démontrez-moi le contraire!(Encore une bonne action de James Stock)

  2. I would love for my son Ethan to get a phone call around 6 pm on May 14, He will be 6 years old. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
    Erica Johnson

      • Michal: Jenže Ježíš tam tu druhou část neÅ™ekl, a formuloval to tak, jak to formuloval. Samain: Naopak, Ježíš Å™ekl – PÅ™iveďte mé nepřátelé a pobijte je pÅ™ede mnou (není to pÅ™esná citace, nechce se mi dohledávat) a PÅ™iÅ¡el jsem obrátit syna proti otiaÅ#8230;.etcTck&¾e Breivik mohl klidnÄ› jednat v dobré víře, že koná pÅ™esnÄ› dle požadavků.

  3. These are all so wonderful and my grandchildren are set up on nick jr, I will take advantage of the other freebies as well

  4. I always enjoy these freebies from the restaurants on your birthday. In fact I did it just yesterday at Texas Roadhouse. I got a free sidekick of ribs for my birthday which was very tasty.

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